Chat World

This is the "chat world" for all you chatterboxes who can't seem to rid of your obsession with the world of cyber.

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Your place to come in, and talk about what's on your mind...

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Chatroom (de)

Hier kannst du Aber alles sprechen was dir am Herzen liegt...

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ICQ's general chatroom. Just join it and talk about anything

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ICQ (de)

ICQ's allgemeiner Chatroom. Hier kannst du űber alles reden.

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Lost and searching for answers? Well, you've come to the right chat; all those present are about as lost as you are. Enjoy!

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Join newbies and first time chatters. Don't be afraid!

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Night Owls

Chat late into the night like people on this chat. Talk about whatever comes to mind in the small hours of the when you can't fall asleep...

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