Australia Chat - the coolest place to chat with Aussies & Kiwis, make friends and have fun!

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Canada is not only about hockey and maple syrup. Explore this northern cold place, and talk to some Canadians

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Czech Republic

From the beautiful castle of Praha to Bratislava's Franciscan Church you just can't go wrong with the lovely people you'll find in Slovakia and Czechia.

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Meet people from the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Heidi Klum and the world's biggest beer festival

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Egypt Chat - Meet and Chat with other people that are from Egypt, or interested in this amazing country of the Nile & Pyramids

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If you love France, or are from France come chat in the France Chat Room. Make new friends, flirt and talk about anything you like.

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Im Deutschland Chat kannen alle Leute aus Deutschland und auch andere viel Spass haben und miteinander Chatten und Flirten.

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Welcome to Hellas - the land of Zeus. Here you'll find your best friends on the web. Enjoy the Pita Souvlaki with Tsatsiki, drink some Ouzo and let's do the Syrtaki.

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Come and join a chat with people from the second largest populated country

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The people of the Persian nation will host you in their home for a chat about their breathtaking history and fascinating culture.

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Come make Irish friends in our Ireland Chat Room!

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From the heights of holy jerusalem to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, meet Israelis of all ages

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Japan Chat - 日本チャット - The Cutest Japanese chat there is! Chat with Japanese friends and other people who love Japan!

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Forget about the oil! Kuwait is an intriguing spot on this planet, with great food and a warm welcome to guests from all over the world.

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The people of the middle eastertn land of Cedars are waiting to talk to you about anything.

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Whether you're from the Phillipines, or are just interested in meeting people from this beautiful country, come to the Phillipines Chat room.

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Join the joyful people of this large and snowy country who brought us caviar and Dostoevsky

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Meet people from Scotland, make new friends, flirt and chat in our Scottish Chat room.

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South Africa

This is where you find a friendly rainbow nation, and hear Afrikaans. Observe the wild life and get ready for a tough Rugby match!

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South Korea

South Koreans chat with each other, and others interested in this beautiful country.

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Where Asia meets Europe, colorful colture and people are set. Meet them for a chat

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Join these chatters from the land of endless opportunities

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United Kingdom

UK Chat - Meet UK people online to make friends, have fun, and chat away!

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Don't miss out one of the most intriguing countries of the Far East. Learn about the Ban Gioc falls and the tasty Bo 7 Mon dish!

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