Walk around the jungle of this African chat on IrCQ-Net and find friends on this friendly continent, where human kind made its first steps.

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Arab Nations

A whole lot of history and culture can be found in the Arab nations. Grab a Falafel ball and meet people from the Maghrib to the Mashriq.

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Craving Sushi? Ever wanted to walk along the great wall? People from Asia come together to chat about their blossoming part of the world

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Come in and chat about this continent that has been popular for centuries!

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Want to have a taste of just about everything? This is the place for you! Join chatters from around the globe

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Middle East

Middle East Chat room - From ancient Egypt to tomorrow's Dubai - everyone interested in making friends from the Middle East is welcomed!

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North America

Come in and meet the two giants from North America. Enjoy Canadian maple syrup, and meet the variety of people in the US

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South America

Ready for some Latin action? Get your dancing shoes ready and join the locals who know better than anyone else how to enjoy their time

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